Concert Quire

This is a smaller choir that is made up of treble voices. It usually consists of 35-50 members. This group is meant for students who really enjoy singing and are a bit more serious about learning and performing more difficult music. It is a good option for those who want the more serious performing group, but may not want to audition for Vocal Ensemble or who have not been accepted into that group.

CQ meets for 84 minutes every other day for the entire year. Students receive a letter grade and the class is worth 5 credits. Their repertoire includes music from the standard genres of pop, classical, sacred, secular, spiritual, patriotic, and folk as well, but the songs are written and arranged especially for the treble vocal choir. There is no audition for this group and it is open to all students in grades 9-12.

CQ performs at the winter and spring concerts, for local community events, and usually competes in the MICAA state festival as well as nationally during our music trip. Our 2016 awards include excellent ratings from both the MICCA festival and in Nashville.